What are dark circles?

Dark circles are generally referred to as dark or shady discolored areas of the eye. Experts speak of halonation, colloquially they are also called eye rims or eye shadows. The thin skin under the eyes is particularly affected. Depending on the skin type, the dark circles appear brownish, bluish or bluish-violet. They are also often associated with swelling of the bags under the eyes. There are many causes of dark circles, but they fall into two basic types: hyperpigmentation and thin skin.

Hyperpigmentation of the skin

Hyperpigmentation is a pigment disorder in which excess melanin is produced and stored in the skin. It can be congenital or develop over the course of life, among other things due to increased UV radiation, hormonal fluctuations, inflammation or injuries. The color of the pigment area varies from yellowish to brownish to black. Basically, they can appear anywhere on the body in different shapes and sizes, but the delicate skin around the eyes is particularly susceptible.

Thin skin

The skin is very thin in the entire eye area, especially under the eyes, and has only little sub-fatty tissue. The underlying blood vessels shine through this thin skin, creating the undesirable effect of dark spots. The extent to which the blood vessels shine through the skin varies from person to person and depends, among other things, on the respective skin type and the thickness of the underlying fatty tissue. Genetic predisposition also plays a role. Dark circles under the eyes are particularly noticeable when a lot of oxygen-poor blood flows through the veins. The greater the lack of oxygen in the blood, the darker it appears.

This are the causes of dark circles

The list of possible causes of dark circles under the eyes is long. Most are temporary, harmless and easy to be influenced. Sometimes, however, more serious health problems can also be the reason.

The most common cause of dark circles is an unhealthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep or excessive consumption of alcohol and nicotine lead to a lack of oxygen in the blood. As a result, the blood appears darker and shimmers more through the thin skin around the eyes. But an unbalanced diet and the resulting chronic zinc, iron or vitamin deficiencies also promote the development of dark circles.

Other factors include psychological and physical stress. When there is excessive stress, the cells lose water and the lack of fluid increases the formation of wrinkles and dark shadows. Long periods of time in front of a computer screen also strain the eyes because the regular and ongoing contraction of the muscles around the eyes increases blood flow and shows through the skin. Careless use of make-up removers is also particularly stressful for the skin, which can not only cause dark circles under the eyes, but also wrinkles and swelling of the tear sacs. However, the dark areas around the eyes are often simply a sign of aging. In any case, you can counteract the development and further development of dark circles at an early stage with special care products for the eye area, for example with the EYELIFT SERUM from AgeLine®. Highly effective anti-aging care products can prevent or at least delay the development of dark circles under the eyes, but they can also soften and reduce existing dark areas.

In rarer cases, dark circles are a side effect of diseases. Allergic reactions, conjunctivitis, thyroid disease or even heart, liver or kidney disease can lead to discoloration of the skin around the eyes. Anyone who suffers from dark circles under the eyes should, if in doubt, consult a doctor to determine the cause.

Prevent dark circles under the eyes as early as possible – today!

To prevent the unpopular discolouration from occurring in the first place, you should take preventive measures at an early stage. With a healthy lifestyle and the right skin care routine, you may be able to avoid dark circles under your eyes or reduce them significantly.

A healthy lifestyle

Daily exercises in the fresh air, enough sleep and a balanced diet are the most important factors in a healthy lifestyle. It is advisable to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, drink enough fluids, preferably water, and consume as little alcohol and nicotine as possible – all in all a small ‘price’ for more youthful, fresher and softer skin.

The right make-up remover

One of the greatest stresses on the sensitive skin around the eyes is the regular use of make-up remover. Choosing the right products plays an important role in this. Only products with particularly gentle ingredients should be used to remove make-up. For example, the highly effective Cleansing Toner from AgeLine® is mild and well tolerated, even by very sensitive skin. Free of parabens, silicones, fragrances and microplastics, it is ideal for deep pore cleansing of make-up and impurities, but at the same time cares for the skin with intensive hydration and gentle moisturizing thanks to ingredients such as panthenol, urea and sorbitol.

Movement makes you beautiful

Sport not only makes you fit, but also promotes blood circulation. Endurance sports and strength training are ideal, but even a 30-minute walk can get the blood moving. In addition, exercise increases breathing and lung capacity and thus ensures a better oxygen content in the blood. As a result, the blood vessels become lighter and do not shimmer through the skin as easily. It is important that the skin is freed from sweat and dirt with lukewarm water after sport.

Professional skin care

The right skin care prevents age-related discolouration in particular. Our skin begins to lose moisture around the age of 25, making it more prone to dark circles. You should therefore not wait until the age of around 30 before the first wrinkles appear in the eye area before taking preventive actions, but start early with good skin care and preventive measures. High-quality and effective anti-aging products such as the EYELIFT SERUM from AgeLine® help to keep the complexion firm, fresh and youthful for as long as possible. The serum cools, has a decongestant effect and provides freshness immediately after application. It helps to regenerate stressed skin areas and sustainably improves blood circulation and skin elasticity.

How to properly treat acute dark circles

Even if the dark shade under the eyes is there once, it’s not a drama. Special skin care products such as eye creams, eye serums and even some home remedies can help get rid of the unloved dark spots or significantly reduce them.

Home remedies for tires eyes

Home remedies usually help against acute dark circles that are not age-related or hereditary. In addition to cold gel masks or cucumber slices on the eyes, regenerative sleep and drinking plenty of water are also part of it. The widespread use of tea bags, whether black, green or white tea, and anti-inflammatory hemorrhoid creams is not recommended! The tea bags may contain substances that may cause allergic reactions. Hemorrhoid creams are not suitable for the eye area and can even thin the skin with regular use and thus increase the dark circles.

Cosmetic care products are often the best defense against dark circles

Professional skin care products that supply the skin with active ingredients in a targeted manner and thus prevent the formation of dark circles under the eyes and reduce or completely eliminate existing dark circles are often much more effective than most home remedies. In the AgeLine® EYELIFT SERUM, a combination of the most effective ingredients with medical technologies that enable better absorption of the active ingredients by the skin ensures a structural improvement in the skin.

The peptide Eyeseril® for example inhibits those enzymes that are responsible for the constriction of blood vessels and the loss of elasticity in the skin, and thus directly counteracts the development of dark circles under the eyes. The hyaluronic acid binds moisture and thus compensates for the age-related loss of moisture in the connective tissue. This allows the skin to store more moisture and the resulting swelling effect cushions the wrinkles from within and makes the thin skin under the eyes look smoother and fresher. With these and other active ingredients, the serum alleviates the dark areas around the eyes. In order to protect the sensitive skin, the product should only be lightly dabbed onto the affected area from the inside out to avoid unnecessary irritation.