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Anti-aging: The great desire for eternal youth

What ist anti-aging? Anti-aging means all measures to delay and alleviate the biological aging of humans and its visible symptoms, such as wrinkles. The term is used particularly often in skin care, because the skin is the largest organ in the human body and at the same time the most

15. June 2022|

Recognizing and caring skin types correctly

What does the skin type depend on? Similar to hair, of which there are different hair types, our skin can also be divided into different types. The skin type summarizes the special characteristics and the structure of the respective skin in groups, the 4 basic skin types. Within these skin

15. June 2022|

The most important vitamins for your skin

What vitamins do for your health and your skin Vitamins are molecular compounds that the human body needs, but for the most part cannot produce itself. Therefore, vitamins must be absorbed through food or through the skin. Vitamins have many different roles in the body. Among other things, they influence

15. June 2022|

Eye bags: What really helps against swollen eyes

What are eye bags? In medicine, the term lacrimal sac stands for a part of the lacrimal apparatus, more precisely for the upper part of the so-called nasolacrimal duct. It represents the connection between the lacrimal tubules and the nasolacrimal sac and allows tears to be drained from the surface

15. June 2022|
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