What vitamins do for your health and your skin

Vitamins are molecular compounds that the human body needs, but for the most part cannot produce itself. Therefore, vitamins must be absorbed through food or through the skin. Vitamins have many different roles in the body. Among other things, they influence the immune system and are an important factor in the development of cells and blood cells. The vitamin balance thus largely determines your growth, well-being and vitality. Special skin vitamins also play a central role in skin care.

Vitamins for your skin

Vitamins not only make you healthy, they also ensure beautiful skin. Vitamins fulfill important tasks, especially in anti-aging care. The vitamins relevant to the skin are referred to as skin vitamins. These include vitamin A, biotin and niacin as B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin E. In order to provide your skin with these important vitamins, you need a balanced diet, but ideally also good skin care with the appropriate ingredients. Fresh fruit and vegetables are just as important as vitamin-rich anti-aging products.

Vitamin A – a fountain of youth against wrinkles

Perhaps the most popular skincare vitamin is vitamin A, which is commonly known as retinol. It is one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients ever. Vitamin A and its precursor beta-carotene stimulate collagen and elastin. Vitamin A thus smoothes the skin and ensures a fine-pored complexion. It can also lighten pigment spots and redness and make small scars disappear. Retinol is found in liver, meat, fish, eggs and animal oils. In skin care, instead of pure retinol, the more stable and usually better tolerated RETINYL PALMITATE (vitamin A palmitate) is used. It consists of retinol and palmitic acid and is converted to retinol in the skin. This alternative to pure retinol is particularly recommended for sensitive skin.

While a deficiency makes the skin scaly, too much can make the skin sensitive to sunlight and cause skin irritation. Therefore, pay particular attention to the correct dosage and quality of products with vitamin A. AgeLine®   FACE LIFT-products, for example, provide the skin with an optimal amount of vitamin A, in the form of vitamin A palmitate, which was determined on the basis of years of research at a medical institute. The best possible effect in defending against signs of aging in the skin was balanced with good tolerability.

Das anti-aging miracle vitamin C

Vitamin C is not only a booster for the immune system, but also an important ingredient in skin care that supports beautiful skin at any age. It intercepts so-called free radicals, i.e. aggressive and harmful oxygen compounds in the body and renders them harmless. This prevents or slows down premature skin aging. In addition, the anti-aging active ingredient vitamin C strengthens the collagen structure and gives the skin a natural glow. It can also reduce wrinkles and lighten pigment spots and acne scars. An age-related lack of vitamin C, on the other hand, can result in weakened wound healing and dry skin. Vitamin C is mainly found in fruit and vegetables as well as in their juices and smoothies.

Vitamin E in skin care

The so-called tocopherol is particularly suitable for skin care. Because of its fat-soluble property, it can penetrate the cornea particularly well. Vitamin E can be stored there and also protects against free radicals and slows down the aging process of the cells. The skin becomes firmer and tighter, and wrinkles are reduced at the same time. In addition, vitamin E inhibits inflammation, alleviates UV damage and has a cell-regenerating effect.

A lack of vitamin E makes the skin drier and more susceptible to oxidative stress. Vitamin E is mainly formed by plants and is particularly found in foods such as peppers, spinach or kale.

The German cosmetics brand AgeLine® offers highly effective anti-age facial serums and creams that contain vitamin E and ensure long-lasting firm skin.

Das regenerating vitamin D

In principle, our body produces vitamin D itself, but we need sufficient sunlight for this. In Europe and other regions that also have a colder and darker season, vitamin D often cannot be produced in sufficient quantities in autumn and winter. You can also absorb vitamin D through the skin with the help of creams. Intake via dietary supplements also makes sense in the dark months. The vitamin plays an important role in skin renewal, neutralizes free radicals and also supports beautiful hair. A deficiency therefore has a quickly visible negative effect on skin, hair and general health conditions.

Vitamin F

Vitamin F is a collective term for special fatty acids (e.g. omega 3) that are not produced by the human body. It strengthens the skin as well as nails and hair. Vitamin F primarily cares for the outermost layer of skin and protects it from water loss and bacteria. Especially in winter with its dry air, protection against drying out of the skin is important. Therefore, a lack of vitamin F can make the skin look scaly, dry and sallow.

Vitamin F is mainly contained in vegetable oils, fish and nuts. Vitamin F is found in skin care products in various forms, for example in AgeLine®’s FACELIFT SERUM in the form of liposomes made from lecithin.

Healthy and beautiful skin with zinc

Although zinc is not a vitamin, it still plays an important role in cosmetics. Zinc calms the immune system and curbs excessive sebum production. In addition, it promotes wound healing and effectively protects against UV radiation.

Vitamin-rich products for your skin

If you want to counteract the signs of aging, you should start as early as possible. From around the age of 25, the aging process of the skin causes the first visible changes. Physiological changes in the skin’s functions occur, which become more evident from year to year. Early counteracting with skin care and the right vitamins, among other things, can significantly slow down and alleviate the emergence and development of signs of skin aging.

The AgeLine® EYELIFT SERUM contains a top-class mix of active ingredients, including vitamin E and vitamin A palmitate, and reduces the number and intensity of wrinkles, the edges of the eyes and bags under the eyes. In addition, the care product developed by doctors and clinically tested improves the elasticity of your skin and helps to repair damage caused by UV radiation. In a clinical university study, the application led to significant structural improvements in the skin around the eyes in all subjects.

AgeLine® FACELIFT SERUM  is rich in vitamin F liposomes from lecithin, vitamin E (tocopherol) and vitamin A (retinol palmitate). The serum immediately provides pleasant moisture and freshness. It brings natural cell components into the skin and promotes skin respiration. Overall, the complexion becomes fresher, smoother and more youthful.

The AgeLine® FACELIFT CREAM with natural oils, vitamin E (tocopherol) and vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) is an anti-aging face cream with the body’s own Q10. Applied particle transport technology from medicine enables a better absorption of the ingredients through the skin than with conventional products. The cream moisturizes and stimulates hormone changes. This makes the skin firmer and more youthful.

Vitamins as part of holistic care

In order to keep your body and your skin healthy and young, you need a lot more than good and effective skin care. The cornerstone of healthy looking skin is a healthy lifestyle. This includes a balanced diet as well as regular exercise. Sufficient sleep and drinking water should not be underestimated. In addition, abstinence from cigarettes and alcohol has an enormously positive effect on the complexion. If you lead a healthy life and support your skin with vitamins in the right places, your skin will remain beautiful and youthful for a long time.