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Clean Cosmetic
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What is AgeLine®?

Skincare that acts like a nutritional supplement for the skin cells.

AgeLine® works like a ‘nutrient mix’ for the skin cells and it has been clinically tested and optimized over the years. It nourishes the skin like a kind of nutritional supplement supporting the function of the mitochondria in the cells. This slows down the development of new signs of aging, and at the same time it helps reduce wrinkles, bags under the eyes and other symptoms of skin aging that may already exist.

AgeLine® Produkte

The first skincare based on mitochondrial medicine, which tackles the root cause of skin aging, the metabolism and energy balance of the cells. With an improved absorption of the ingredients through the skin thanks to used particle transport technologies from medicine.












Our products are 100% free of parabens, silicones, fragrances, allergens, heavy metals, mineral oil and are not tested on animals. AgeLine® is suitable and very well tolerated for all skin types of all ages and genders.

All products were rated very good in an independent dermatological test.

The effect of AgeLine® has been clinically proven

A clinical IN-VIVO study which was done in cooperation with Freie Universität Berlin, proved that AgeLine® effectively and significantly reduces existing signs of skin aging in just three to four weeks.

• Depth of eye wrinkles reduced by up to 28%.
• Dark spots (excess melanin, hyperpigmentation) reduced by up to 28,3%.
• Redness reduced by 22,3%.
22% smoother skin (reduction of skin roughness by 18%)

The most effective care in just 4 steps

True to its motto “small but nice”, ageline offers highly effective multitasking skincare products where you don’t have to choose from countless variants. Optimal results are achieved when used together in a 4-step skincare routine. With regular use, the complexion is significantly and sustainably improved.


Step 1

The first step in the ageline routine is crucial to maintaining a clean, clear and vibrant complexion. Our Cleansing Toner is free from parabens, silicones, fragrances and microplastic and therefor mild and well tolerated, even by sensitive skin. Deep cleaning the pores from make-up and impurities, whilst simultaneously providing care.

Step 2

The second step in the ageline routine is the highly effective care for the eye area. Our eye serum reduces the number and intensity of wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes while helping the skin repair UV damage and improve its blood circulation and elasticity.


Step 3

The third step in the ageline routine is to moisturize the skin for a fresher, more relaxed and smoother complexion. Our facelift serum provides instant hydration and freshness by releasing water and delivering liposomes made from essential fatty acids as natural cell components to the skin.

Step 4

The last step is to optimally protect the skin and provide it with targeted care. The highly effective facelift cream with the body´s own coenzyme Q10 gives the skin extra energy and moisture and makes it softer and smoother. The skin immediately appears firmer, fresher, and more youthful.


„…immediate and lasting hydration of the skin, with a nice cooling effect, as well as skin tightening and glow. This is due to the multiple combination of different moisture binder such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid and panthenol in the skin, but also to vitamins and oils.“

Dr.med. Gerit W., dermatologist (Berlin)

„…noticed from the start that the ageline products offer a special technology that makes your skin more radiant and I´ve become an absolute fan.“

Bruno V., (Brüssel)

„…application is easy and time-saving, all products are free from fragrance and other frills, and the effect is just great – exactly what I need!

Tyrown-Vincent R., TV-moderator (Frankfurt)

„…the perfect balance of effect and tolerability convinced me 100%. The products are an ideal complement to injection treatments, can be easily combined with other products and are extremely reasonably priced.“

Claudia S., Make-Up artist & sales consultant (Frankfurt am Main)

I have been using ageline daily for almost 8 years and I am extremely satisfied. For me, the products are not cosmetics, but nutrients for the skin that nourish the mitochondria.“

Petra K., Practice for biological and mitochondrial medicine (Kandern)

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